Only in Israel are you en route to your nearest bank branch when all of a sudden you notice that both pedestrian and vehicle traffic are at a stop, and that there are barricades and police cars surrounding the area around the bank. Only then do you notice the intricate-looking robot carefuly examining an unidentified bag left on a bench.
A girl on her bike stopped beside me and asked, "Oh, is it an unidentified bag?" in an annoyed tone of voice, obviously having experienced such an event multiple times. Those around me seemed bothered by the need to wait in safety while this possibly bomb-filled bag was checked. I, on the other hand, was rather grateful for the precautionary search.


  1. Chuck NorrisAugust 09, 2010

    When you see that when you are 8 years old...wow
    when you are 12 years old - you are still affraid.
    by 17 you are "ok, lets get it done so we can keep walking"
    at 21 you are trying to pass the police block
    by 50 years of age you are cursing the cops for stopping your daily routine, only to protect you.

    welcome to Israel. next time take cover. the next unidentified bag can really be a bomb!

  2. I experienced that in Israel right at the end of King George by cafe cafe. I was rather annoyed...oops! Haha.