The Urinal Land

Only in Israel is it acceptable for your child to urinate on any nick and cranny in this country.
It is not uncommon to pass a child urinating on a tree, bush, or corner of a building in Israel. Not only is it deemed acceptable, there is an unwritten rule: "Children are encouraged to urinate in public areas rather than seeking a proper toilet." Okay, only kidding. It does seem, though, that everyone accepts it as normal.


Something Borrowed

Only in Israel does the woman behind the counter at the post office believe it to be normal to ask to borrow something that you are about to mail off.
It was time to return my rented cell phone and charger, but before I could do so, the post woman realized that the charger could very well be a perfect fit for her cell phone. Unfortunately, she had misplaced her own charger the night before and had not had the time to go and buy another before starting work. Fortunately for her, I came along. She asked to take a look at my rented charger, proceeded to take her cell phone out, and fit the charger into the cell phone. Looking at her strangely she asked, "Do you mind, I'll just charge my cell phone fore 10 minutes, and trust me, I will then place the charger in the package and mail it off." I replied with a hesitant, "sure, but I'll be seated until it's sent off."


Patient's Love Records

After having been checked, probed, and proded by the 50-something Israeli male doctor, he came to the conclusion that I had a case of a "very bad cold". Well, of course, this surely means I am under severe pain and am, therefore, helpless in taking care of myself. So, the first question the doctor asks is, "Who's the lucky guy who get's to take care of you tonight?" Obviously thrown off by this innappropriate question, I responded with nothing but and uncomfortable smile and head bow. After such a cold response, the doctor at once realized his question was possibly a lawsuit waiting to happen.